Sand Castle

Sand Castle is a tower defense city builder where you build up a sand castle and defend yourself from the rising tide. Dig trenches, build walls and collect resources washed in from the waves to survive as long as you can.

This is a super early prototype but we look forward to showing you more soon!

Far Fetched

Far Fetched is an exploration mystery game where you play as a burnt out city cop who inherited their fathers taxi business. Transport passengers island to island, get to know them and uncover the mysteries of the archipelago.

This project is still under development.

Smash Crates Logo

Smash Crates is a local/online fighting game of pure chaos. BUILD, DESTROY and MANIPULATE the battlefield to your advantage. Fight for glory with up to 4 friends as the Crates of myth and legend. Be there and be square!

fataliencatgames [at] gmail [dot] com