Fat Alien Cat with one eye playing with a letter AText: Fat Alien Cat


Cartoon Image of Jess and Julian sitting on a couch with their cats.

Hi, our names are Jess Lyon and Julian Beiboer. We are a game design duo, and founders of Fat Alien Cat, an independent game studio based in Brisbane, Australia.

Together we have released our first game Smash Crates on Steam. Prior to working on games we both worked full-time in the Animation/VFX Industry for 2 years, Julian working as a Rigger/Programmer and Jess working as a Compositor/Artist.

Our goal with this studio is to make games which immerse players in beautiful worlds full of rich and interesting gameplay.

We are currently collaborating with Jasmine Phillips from Nomo Art Studio on a new game called Momento.



A shelf full of books and soft toys.

Journey through a life where the objects you choose, influence the life you lead. Momento is a cozy room decorator x choose your own adventure game.

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Text: Smash Crates

Smash Crates is a local/online fighting game of pure chaos. BUILD, DESTROY and MANIPULATE the battlefield to your advantage. Fight for glory with up to 4 friends as the Crates of myth and legend. Be there and be square!

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